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The 3M Company, was earlier on, known as formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

3M hires a large number of people globally and produces so many products. Adhesives, protection protective equipment, dental products, electronic materials, medical products and car-care products are some of these products. 3M has operations are in various countries. You can purchase 3M products from distributors, retailers and through online forums from the corporation.

Historically, five businessmen founded 3M in two habours. Mining stones from quarries to use while crushing wheels the company begun with. The next step was, marketing its products, supporting its employees to renovate and advance new products, and this became its main business.

The founders opening idea was to sell minerals to constructors to produce grinding wheels. The idea that followed was supplying sandpapers and this business grew. Waterproof sandpaper, masking tape and sound-deadening materials for cars are some of the latest innovations for the 3M company brought about by its growth. As the years went by, 3M Company joined the health care business.

Presently, 3M Company not only focuses on developing unique products but also manufactures them efficiently and consistently globally.

Today, 3M Company is a multi-industry company, with one of the leading international presences. Post-It Notes and Scotch Tape as well as high-tech LCD films are some of its products. 3M Companies are popular for enhancing and innovating new products. Six of the main business segments that 3M operates in are: Healthcare, Industrial & Transportation, Consumer & Office, Display & Graphics, Electro & Communications, and Safety, Security and Protection.

3M is increasing becoming global as large percentages of its total revenue arises from outside the United States. This global penetration has given 3M chance to fully take advantage of growing countries.

3M Company plans to buy products that are widely known in their local markets to widen their penetration in in their foreign markets.

3M employees get opportunities to make a large impacts in the company, are given good payments and are acknowledged for their achievements by getting a pay rise.

Eligible staff receive annual incentives based on their performance and eligibility. Sales representatives is made up of incentives paid monthly based on business performance and the type of business you represent.

3M Clean Water Solutions, is a 3M product that is dedicated to offer superior customer service and superior product technology to their clients. They ensure that the delivering process is of great quality and the installation is accurate. This means that you wont pay for hidden costs and you wont be stressed out because the answers you forget will be truthful and the services will be in credible.

3M promises its clients that they will receive practical and creative solutions to satisfy their needs.

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