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Home Remedies for Cold Sores

If you are struggling with a lip or facial sore, you look up for all kinds of treatments. Not forgetting that friends and colleagues will keep offering you all sorts of remedies. there are however a number of remedies that reportedly work with most people and you could try them when you are plagued with a cold sore.

The use of Preparation H ointment is one of them. The original use of this ointment is for treatment of hemorrhoid discomforts. Treatment of sores with can be a secondary use of this ointment. Just dab it on a spot that shows signs of tingling. It’s more of preventive course. If you apply the ointment on time, the sore may never form. The the cream works by reducing itchiness and swelling.

Earwax is an interesting and unconventional method. To prevent the sore from growing, rub earwax on that tingly spot immediately .

nail polish remover can also be used. This one stings the skin. use it on a blister that has fully developed. Let it stay on the spot for a few minutes and later apply an antibiotic cream on the spot. this should be done a few times each day until the sore dries up.

Tea bags is another effective remedy. Put the tea bag on a full-blown blister and let it sit there for a few minutes. After this, apply some eucalyptus oil every few times daily.

Alcohol – Based products used in the house can also apply. A big number of people confirm the effectiveness of using rubbing alcohol on blisters. Additionally, other house-hold products containing alcohol can also be used, such as mouthwash, sanitizer and also aftershave.

Useof garlic is good for already developed blisters. Apply the fluid on the garlic clover on the sore for about ten minutes. Garlic is known for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial characteristics. You can also pound the garlic with a little water to make a paste so that you can apply it easily.

Another home remedy is instant coffee. Its been known to exist since the early 1970s. Take dried granules of instant coffee mix them with water to form a paste which you then apply to the affected area. Point to note here is that regular ground coffee doesn’t work, only the dried granules.

You can also deodorant to prevent a sore from breaking out. Once you feel the first characteristic tingling feeling, apply regular white deodorant on the spot. The deodorant behaves like an astringent thereby drying up the sore.
There exists quite a range of home remedies for treating cold blisters so if you are seeking a quick one, you can pick the most suitable one for yourself among these.

Learning The Secrets About Resources

Learning The Secrets About Resources